Indigenous Day @ NM Capitol 02-07-2020

February 7th, 2020 8:00 am to 2:00 pm American Indian Day  at the Legislature
NM Indian Affairs Department will address American Indian Day  at the Legislature

State Capitol/Rotunda 8:30am – 11:30am
100th Bill Party Location: Eldorado Hotel Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

We will be near the east entrance of the state capitol
8:30 am – 2:00 pm Just look for the Indians shooting film 🙂
12:00 pm @ Press conference

We begin our journey building relations with our state officials and find out how far we can go to find jobs in the film business. Each day we look for job opportunities, but we just don’t have all the skills it takes to get that job.

Thunderbird Group Interns preparing for Local 4800 Union Jobs

The project is an educational program designed to encourage and train Indigenous youth in the inner-workings of filmmaking. 

Bernalillo High School Culinary Arts Class for Crafty & Catering

This program will provide a bridge to sustainable careers for indigenous people, while securing and growing the future of the New Mexico film industry. Why do we need this program? What are our goals? Run “Holy Smokes: Project Film” pilot program Train 5,000 individuals to become film professionals Increase the NM film industry workforce to 10,000 people (currently 5k)

NM Film community brings film training to New Mexico

We are providing a platform for all of us to raise our hand and I’m available and get the careers started. This takes time and dedication, as this type of job has heavy lifting and longs hours. We make sure all who are interested in this endeavor. once you find your niche, it is living the dream and helping with amazing being made here in the New Mexico Film Industry.


Each day we have reach new pinnacles for operations, we have received much support in the legislative itineraries. February 7th, 2020 for AMERICAN INDIAN DAY, and February 10th for our annual Media Day. These events highlight our directives to assist in building careers, further noted there will be many new jobs created in the next three years. Our goal is top help find 10,000 new jobs for the film industry.

Film careers & storytelling is our business.

Integrating film into New Mexico Film curriculum in an effort to create job opportunities for their graduating students. The program promises to deliver an opportunity for High School students who are not college bound, to be eligible to join the IATSE Local 480 film union upon graduation. 

Serious Grippage & Light of Albuquerque, NM, displays film equipment for learning experience 

Each educational department within the high school has a transferable skill in the film industry. HSPF is teaching the students of BHS which skills translate and the “what else” they need to know in order to be a successful film professional. Soft skills are necessary in most jobs, but especially in film. 

Hands on experience for students in film making

The City of Albuquerque will drive economic development by funding programs for schools in the community. A high school has already been selected in Sandoval County to facilitate the “Holy Smokes: Project Film” pilot program. Students will participate in the required 60 hours to earn access to a union membership upon graduation. Senator Derrick Lente from district 65, will be assisting with “Holy smokes: project film”. A unique community project bringing filmmaking to the indigenous people of New Mexico. Building bridges for career opportunities. New Mexico has a deficit of film professionals. Which is why we lose jobs to other states when outside production companies film in-state. Now is the time to rectify this situation and give New Mexicans a chance to prosper and showcase their talent across the great state of New Mexico.

Thank you for the beginning of our Journey to build jobs in New Mexico

We couldn’t be more thrilled to Welcome the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico (AICCNM) and its members to the film community! The AICC brings Native vendors & small businesses to the table to engage with the burgeoning NM Film Industry in 2020. If you’re “in the biz” you know that hundreds of jobs are created through the filmmaking process. With 23 active studios in the state of New Mexico, the majority of them in the hub of NM film, Albuquerque, the demand is higher than ever for resources. Now is the perfect time to get involved! If you are a small business, this does not discount YOU. In a recent poll taken by the NM Film Office, it was found that most Hollywood Studio productions engage with small businesses versus box stores and franchises. Small businesses have more mobility and are able to work at the neck-break pace of film productions. They also typically source their wares and materials locally, making every penny production spends rebatable through the state. When a film crew is in-town to make a movie they often lease space.

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