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Holy Smokes: Project Film, Indigenous Educational Filmmaker Program

Indigenous Filmmaking Documentary Trailer: Creating and supplying 11,000 Film industry jobs to the New Mexico Film Industry by 2022.https://thunderbirdgroup.co/2019/12/31/bridging-indigenous-filmmakers/

Posted by Holy Smokes: Project Film on Thursday, January 2, 2020

We begin our journey back home, some of us have not yet made it back home, as this world wide event has taken its toll on some of our families. Each day I hear how some of us who live in Albuquerque

We will be looking into our own stories that have helped our city grow stronger, and more independent, as a city and community of differences and a rainbow o colors of people who live here with pride aND HONOR FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Our film crew will create an event that will embrace issues and collective that feel yelling or shouting about life, is not working so well. On that note wee will have asopbox for this feeling of loss or struggle in life’s challenging reflections. We see color or status as our own measuring stick for justice or value.

ride and Honor for survival, Our humor has kept us stronger that anything, each day we try and find humor to remind us we are not alone. When we laugh we here we our relatives laughing with us. The good ole days…

We will be announcing the location for our production for day for the City of Albuquerque, One Albuquerque.

here is our show with VJ Pony, STONE SOOP SEASON II, you will find a feeling of community and spiritual journey for a simple existence..

Are are proud to announce support for Indigenous film making. Lobo Protective Services is assisting us with bring a safe set to New Mexico filming, with the help of NeoSan Labs they will provide us a safe environment to shoot in. Protecting us all who walk on the set with confidence.


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