“Homecoming is” a wrap

We have completed our task in training a Indigenous Film crew, covid complaint, and solid communication, we are very proud of our crew. Each day they record something, they only become more focused on mission. We trained through out the summer beginning in June. Our first few days we’re getting to know communication, and protocol, basically show up early.

We began with scouting and understanding ethics of film, how bad do you want this job? In the middle of a pandemic, and only pods of five allowed to be safe in crowds. This was not only a task, but a serious operation. Thank to our sponsor and executive producer Lobo Protective Services LLC, we were able to go out knowing we are following protocols for filming. At the beginning we could only do home movies, then our governor approved activities.

We adventured out to crowds in a safe manner, testing shots, lighting, and location scouting.

Each time we adventured out we tried our hand at social media deliveries, making short films about our crew.

Ricardo Cate’ explains his vision for film making in the southwest, building bridges to our community.

Then we began to understand camera frame, and color adaptation, remotely and began our storyline, Homecoming is. We found words that meant something to us all, then we began our talent search, asking relatives to come out and be safe to help send a message of healing and support.

We learned how to make film sets safe..also recored our first commercial for the film community.

Each day we checked ourselves on how we feel and where we were before we recorded. Each day made it more secure to get into a truth of safe filming. Our months turns into the whole summer. We felt stronger, and safe enough to go into production.

Thunderbird Group LLC was in serious mode keeping the film crew going when everyone thought we were never going to make it. We were determined to accomplish our goal. To become a covid compliant film crew for our Indigenous Community.

Food was difficult to find especially bleach and TP, One Albuquerque, and seven more groups stepped up and fed 450 families, in dire need of school supplies or anything to help with financial difficulties.

Once we understood color and frame settings for filming, we venture out further to find content for our show. Each time we gathered we felt the community coming out into the public. Things were looking good, friends were visiting at safe distancing, people were able to to go out and take care of business. We now we’re getting the in position to see if we could get an insurance policy for recording on set. We had our masks and social distancing was second nature. our crew was ready to film safe sets…

Thanks to our sponsor and supporter we found a policy for recording our show. It came at a price..

Soon we had talent scheduled and we finally found a location on city property that allowed us to record. We we’re a go, green lit for production, everyone was very excited, not only to be recording, but to be able to experience real movie set, I they had not yet done so. Our Youth have had a chance to work on a feature film about three years ago. Now their intrucoitrs are ringing out the real camera, and really record our show.

Location map for talent and crew

We recored our first half day, as the schedule only allowed half dat of production to keep film crew safe. We now are reciting attention form our community and talent and crew were focused on a mission of healing and good intention for our people. Something to feel good abut in these trying times.

We received more support with our sponsors who fed us and helped with costs.
We are so grateful for those sponsors who help with payroll, we couldn’t have finished this project with out their support.

Each day we felt it was imperative to keep moving forward, lockdowns were as server, and people were out and about, our talent same from all parts of New Mexico as Burque was our home for dancing and performing…

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