2021 is our opportunity to build dreams

Currently working on new Northern New Mexico Projects, looking for new interns and or internship crews, I will be reviewing new youth who wish to learn more about film making and job opportunities . You can find out more about New Mexico Filing jobs with Local Unions and film office.

Local New Mexico Film Union

The film workforce in New Mexico is still looking for crew members, IATSE film union has many training programs, and jobs are excelling. New Mexico Film just had it’s first conference since covid began, people are gathering and public events are being scheduled.

Four feature film s and five television shows are in production this month.

All of New Mexico is excited to participate with new incentive programs for jobs in NM. Security and Production assistance is in high demand, crafty, and hair and make up is in search of new talent. Carpenters are always in demand, however the skill, and safety level has increased.

Each Day is exciting in New Mexico, we are please announce multiple trains programs and job opportunities with union jobs, You can find most of your posting on social media searching job film jobs extras, and film training.


New Mexicans Training for New Mexican Jobs

February 1st, 2020

Trying on our carbon footprint evidently it has grown since…

At the Capitol Building, Santa Fe, New Mexico on Environment Day, Tuesday, January 28th. Holy Smokes: Project Film lobbies at the capital for sustainable filmmaking during the 2nd session of the 54th legislature. We enjoyed talking with the environmentalists, who were very interested in our project.

Everybody deserves an equal opportunity to recognize and pursue their dreams. A career that a person has a passion for improves their mind, body, and spirit.  Earning a decent salary also enhances the quality of a person’s life, and the money goes back into the community via spending, thus supporting other businesses allowing them to grow and flourish.

Film is the ultimate collaborative industry, and HSPF plans to grow it through education by teaching the soft-skills necessary to work on a film set through hands-on classes and real-life experience on film sets.

Local 480 is supporting us by reviewing our curriculum for film training to transfer to jobs with the local 480 Union.

HSPF currently has a pilot program locked in for the Fall of 2021. The students, parents, and educators alike are enthusiastic about our pilot program. The HSPF Program will focus on below the line job opportunities through running a full-fledged film set to create 30-sec shorts and gain set hours to have the chance to join the local 480 and work towards credits to other unions within the film industry. EG: SAG-AFTRA, local 600, teamsters unions, etc. 

HSPF will be in attendance at the capitol for Indigenous Day (aka American Indian Day) on February 7th, where we will be lobbying for access to filmmaking for indigenous peoples of New Mexico. On Media Day, February 10th, we are promoting filmmaking education for all New Mexicans with the students and educators of Bernalillo High School in attendance urging legislators to fund the future we need.  

To help fund HSPF or learn how to get involved as a vendor to film, as an indigenous filmmaker looking to teach or to see how HSPF can collaborate with a school near you, please contact Nadine Nagamatsu at 917-509-3752 or email at holysmokesprojectfilm@gmail.com 

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