Holy Smokes Project Film Crew 2020

Building careers, creating healing Creating film crews in remote areas, archiving, delivering unity, diversity

“Homecoming is” Featured by Holy Smokes: Project Film crew HSPF crew created with the help of The City Of Albuquerque, One Albuquerque

We begin by saying thank you, to all the one’s who came out, and trudged with us on this epic adventure. It was not an easy task, with limited training locations, and also limited resources, this was one for the books.

We focused on word, and mission, that reflected what all of us are going through. We never would have imagined the outcome of this year, now we are seeing a future, that is in need of stories to be told, and sharing to continue. Holy Smokes Project Film is teaching our first film crew to assists in our first production, “Homecoming is” a 90 second story of how Indigenous people survive and thrive with spirit, and determination to be safe. Quite the story.

Executive Producers The City Of Albuquerque Lobo Protective Services LLC Thunderbird

Group Credits: “Homecoming is” Shannon Pinto for New Mexico Diné Navajo NM “HOPE”

Carma Harvey Diné Navajo ABQ NM

“Change” Lyle Sandoval- Diné – Navajo ABQ NM Lovely Loretto – Jemez Pueblo ABQ NM Ayana Sandoval- Diné ABQ NM

“Movement” Carma Harvey Sport Wear Diné Navajo ABQ NM

“Resiliance” Mindy Littleyellowbird Pojoaque Pueblo NM

“Love” Tiana Jane Cachini Zuni Royalty Organization Miss Zuni 2019-20 ZUNI NM

“Strength” Representative Derrick J. Lente Sandia Pueblo NM

”Vision” Philmer Bluehouse Diné Navajo AZ VO: VJ Pony Vigil Diné Navajo Nation ABQ NM

“Community” Shannon Pinto for New Mexico Diné Navajo NM

“Frybread“ Lil Mike & FunnyBone Choctaw & Pawnee OK

“Laughter” Ricardo Cate Kewa Pueblo NM

“Rejoicement” Emileah Lujan Taos Pueblo NM

“Nourishment” Kewa Christian Pacheco Kewa Cassie Pacheco Kewa Caiden Pacheco VO: VJ Pony Vigil Diné Navajo Nation ABQ NM

Fancy Dancer / Hoop Dancer Emileah Lujan Taos Pueblo NM

Director Ricardo Cate Kewa Pueblo NM

Camera DP Brandon Morgan Diné Navajo Nation ABQ NM

Camera Assist Frank TheBoy ABQ NM Gros Ventre Nation MO

1st AD / Audio Julius Pedro Laguna Pueblo ABQ NM

Camera Instructor Volunteer Colemar Nichols ABQ NM

Grip & Electric Instructor Ryle Yazzie Diné Navajo ABQ NM

Editied By VJ Pony Vigil Diné Navajo Nation ABQ NM

Set Medic Volunteer Dan Montoya ABQ NM Adrian Chavez Jr. ABQ NM

SoundTrack “Homecoming is……” Vocals & Flute VJ Pony Vigil Diné Navajo Nation ABQ NM “Inspiring Motivational Emotional Trailer” KornevMusic

“Rainbow Human” VJ Pony Vigil Diné Navajo Nation ABQ NM

Special thanks to our sponsors The City Of Albuquerque NM

Lobo Protective Services LLC NM

Cress Insurance Group NM

The Loan Fund NM Data Management NM

Lectrosonics NM

Agenda 22 NM

New Mexico Strong and Safe Be safe and Stay strong….

Holy smokes film crew is focused on new career opportunities..


“For all our Relations”

Now we are focusing on empowering all Indigenous Film Makers, we are very excited to begin another project.

Special thanks to Dawn Begayof City of Albuquerque, Kern Chriswell of the Albuquerque Film Office, Amber Dodson of NM Film Office.

Plus The Office of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, on keeping us up to date on all procedures & operations. Terry Sloan who made sure we stayed on track, Michelle Melendez, Maria Brazil of City of Albuquerque Offices.

We all performed with out a hitch or hiccup, considering the obstacles we endured!


We would like to say this is “Indigenous Heritage Month 2020”

Soon to become the decade of Indigenous People.
HSPF LLC 505-301-7170

Pre-production begins 2021


StarLife, is a vision of the future for all Humanity. Born from Native American Wisdom and shared with love for all the youth, and people in need of healing. Paint a dream, and build a world based on the best we have available for the generation to come. When we rise together.

A documentary for future re-generational gardens with innovational storytelling. 

#holysmokesprojectfilm #loboprotectiveservices 

#indigenous #nmfilm #healing #together #starlife #starlifegenerational

Home Stabilization, being documenting

Milestones with network building for our 

rural communities. Editing camera, drone

Soundtracks, plug and play film training

HSPF Homecoming

We will be looking into visiting events the city of Albuquerque will be having this summer, so we enter as a cohesive team, in respect to the environment we are working in.

We are making efforts too have a least 24 interviews in 2 days of meeting our community.

This is no easy task, as all of us know there is huge responsibilities when we are in the public.

The safety ordinance is most vital to experiencing a true Albuquerque moment.

2020 will be the year to remember, when we had to think how to be sociable, and healthy. And still have a summer outdoors. We are focused on how to achieve such a task. Well we thought maybe inviting folks to visit the Farmers market downtown Albuquerque, Saturday mornings for the next two weekends.

Downtown Albuquerque Central & 7th st

Single file, and you only have a short time to be in the public with a hand full of visitors. Feels very safe, everyone is wearing proper masks. The food is amaizing, however you can not eat it there.

We except all these challenges, give me summer and give me food from organic gardens.


Homecoming is

Holy Smokes: Project Film, Indigenous Educational Filmmaker Program

Indigenous Filmmaking Documentary Trailer: Creating and supplying 11,000 Film industry jobs to the New Mexico Film Industry by 2022.https://thunderbirdgroup.co/2019/12/31/bridging-indigenous-filmmakers/

Posted by Holy Smokes: Project Film on Thursday, January 2, 2020

We begin our journey back home, some of us have not yet made it back home, as this world wide event has taken its toll on some of our families. Each day I hear how some of us who live in Albuquerque

We will be looking into our own stories that have helped our city grow stronger, and more independent, as a city and community of differences and a rainbow o colors of people who live here with pride aND HONOR FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Our film crew will create an event that will embrace issues and collective that feel yelling or shouting about life, is not working so well. On that note wee will have asopbox for this feeling of loss or struggle in life’s challenging reflections. We see color or status as our own measuring stick for justice or value.

ride and Honor for survival, Our humor has kept us stronger that anything, each day we try and find humor to remind us we are not alone. When we laugh we here we our relatives laughing with us. The good ole days…

We will be announcing the location for our production for day for the City of Albuquerque, One Albuquerque.

here is our show with VJ Pony, STONE SOOP SEASON II, you will find a feeling of community and spiritual journey for a simple existence..

Are are proud to announce support for Indigenous film making. Lobo Protective Services is assisting us with bring a safe set to New Mexico filming, with the help of NeoSan Labs they will provide us a safe environment to shoot in. Protecting us all who walk on the set with confidence.