Thunderbird Group Intern Julius Pedro of Laguna Pueblo

The City of Albuquerque will drive economic development by funding programs for schools in the community. A high school has already been selected in Sandoval County to facilitate the “Holy Smokes: Project Film” pilot program. Students will participate in the required 60 hours to earn access to a union membership upon graduation. Senator Derrick Lente from district 65, will be assisting with “Holy smokes: project film”. A unique community project bringing filmmaking to the indigenous people of New Mexico. Building bridges for career opportunities. New Mexico has a deficit of film professionals. Which is why we lose jobs to other states when outside production companies film in-state. Now is the time to rectify this situation and give New Mexicans a chance to prosper and showcase their talent across the great state of New Mexico.

Thunderbird Group Intern Franklin The Boy Crowvon from Montana

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