Film Vendors

Local business creates film vendors for movie industry coming to New Mexico to work and play.

 It’s been a wild year for HSPF, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to Welcome the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico (AICCNM) and its members to the film community! The AICC brings Native vendors & small businesses to the table to engage with the burgeoning NM Film Industry in 2020. If you’re “in the biz” you know that hundreds of jobs are created through the filmmaking process. With 23 active studios in the state of New Mexico, the majority of them in the hub of NM film, Albuquerque, the demand is higher than ever for resources. Now is the perfect time to get involved! If you are a small business, this does not discount YOU. In a recent poll taken by the NM Film Office, it was found that most Hollywood Studio productions engage with small businesses versus box stores and franchises. Small businesses have more mobility and are able to work at the neck-break pace of film productions. They also typically source their wares and materials locally, making every penny production spends rebatable through the state. When a film crew is in-town to make a movie they often lease space.

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