HSPF Homecoming

We will be looking into visiting events the city of Albuquerque will be having this summer, so we enter as a cohesive team, in respect to the environment we are working in.

We are making efforts too have a least 24 interviews in 2 days of meeting our community.

This is no easy task, as all of us know there is huge responsibilities when we are in the public.

The safety ordinance is most vital to experiencing a true Albuquerque moment.

2020 will be the year to remember, when we had to think how to be sociable, and healthy. And still have a summer outdoors. We are focused on how to achieve such a task. Well we thought maybe inviting folks to visit the Farmers market downtown Albuquerque, Saturday mornings for the next two weekends.

Downtown Albuquerque Central & 7th st

Single file, and you only have a short time to be in the public with a hand full of visitors. Feels very safe, everyone is wearing proper masks. The food is amaizing, however you can not eat it there.

We except all these challenges, give me summer and give me food from organic gardens.